The Making of Our "Village"

An Idea Is Born

In September 2013 ACF Therapy Associates (ACF) was started to meet the needs of master level clinical social work and mental health counselor students and registered interns that have a passion for a career in private practice and to provide reduced fee services for the members of our community.  During the next four years the number of students, registered interns and licensed clinicians growth resulted in ACF becoming a not-for-profit  volunteer organization with associated clinicians providing a "village" of mentors for student learning and registered intern growth.  ACF will continue to provide these much needed services.

The Birth of a New Service

In July 2017, 17 students, registered interns and licensed clinicians agreed to be identified as the Collaborative Counseling Group with a vision of working collaboratively to meet the needs of the clients served by the Group.  The range of services offered by the group include therapy for anxiety, depression, bipolar, self-harming teens, addictions (substances, pornography and sex), self-esteem, relationship issues, couples counseling, maternal mental health problems, sex problems, infidelities, anger management, etc.  In addition to cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing and solution focus approaches four of our clinicians are trained in the use of EMDR and one is certified to practice Hypnotherapy.